About Us

Sequencher Pvt. Ltd. is registered under Indian Company act 1956 with registered office in Ahmedabad. Sequencher Tech has unprecedented sensitivity and reliability to address the needs of scientific community.

In services we provide all tools of modern genomics and proteomics for our client. We offer high throughput genome sequencing services like whole genome sequencing, Transcriptome analysis, DNA sequencing, Microbial identification, SNP Genotyping, Gene profiling, Oligoneuciotide synthesis from various NexGen Platforms.

Sequencher through its collaborators and effective project management skills helps client to compress timelines maintains quality & reduce the cost of commercialization. Sequencher is perfect blend of mix of Products & services and talented team to deliver uncompromising commitment to excellence.

We hope to be able to serve our client with highest quality products and services. The products would carry the assurance of performance while the services offered will ensure total technical satisfaction to the scientists. The technical support team of Sequencher would ensure international quality of products and services to all research establishments across the country.

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